A telecom Audit is an analysis of invoices, lines, rates, tariffs, taxes, plans, usage, call volume, systems, and contracts resulting in cost reduction, proper invoicing and optimization of telecommunication systems, platforms, and providers. 

Q & A

Why should I audit my telephone and internet service billing?

Telephone and internet service providers, plans, and features change all the time.  What was considered a "great deal" last week could by market standards be obsolete in as little as 6 months.  This makes it one of only a few technology markets that has seen a steady decrease in service costs.  Systems have evolved from on premise to the cloud making them more affordable, easier to deploy, and come with ready-to-use integrations that work with your other solutions. 

Ok, I want to audit my telephone and internet services, what now?

We need copies of the most recent Telephone and Internet Bills.  You can email or fax (front and back) copies to

What happens after that?

We will provide a detailed services comparison (delivered to your inbox) based on current telephone and internet services in the market.  This takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Does this cost me anything?

No.  This service (like all our services) is complimentary.

What happens if I decide not to sign up for any of the services?

Nothing.  You’re not obligated to sign up now or anytime down the road.